Polytech Days in Berlin 2020: the final event of 120th anniversary and German-Russian Year of Higher Education Cooperation and Science

On February 6-7 Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) held the “Polytech Days in Berlin 2020“. Within this event SPbPU in cooperation with European partners presented promising research and innovation projects and opportunities for bilateral investment, based on successful cases of many years of cooperation. The Forum held within the «German-Russian Year of Higher Education Cooperation and Science 2018 — 2020» and it was a finalizing event in a range of SPbPU 120th anniversary celebration.

Currently SPbPU has partnerships with over 500 educational, research and industrial organizations, including leading global companies: Siemens AG, Festo Holding GmbH, AIRBUS, Philips GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, Kawasaki, Boeing, SAP SE etc.

Within the framework of the “Polytech Days in Berlin 2020” faculty members of the Polytechnic presented projects on digital designing and modeling of globally competitive new generation products using advanced manufacturing technologies in various sectors of high-tech industry.

Particular emphasis was given to the joint research and educational projects of the Polytechnic University with key partner universities, such as Leibniz University Hannover, TU Berlin, the University of Stuttgart, City, University of London, Ecole Polytechnique, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg, TU Hamburg etc.

SPbPU carries out cooperation with partner institutions in the fields of new materials, nanotechnology, energy, telecommunications technology, radiophysics and electronics, biomedicine and biotechnology, etc. Participants of the event discussed the possibilities of collaboration within the framework of strategic partnership: invited professors program, joint laboratories supervised by leading scientists (megagrant), DAAD scholarships for researchers, grants from Russian and European research foundations for conducting joint research. In addition, forum guests were interested in new win-win formats of internationalization (experience of cooperation between SPbPU and European partners).

On February 6 also was opened an exhibition of developments of the SPbPU. It presents products of digital design and globally competitive next-generation modeling using advanced manufacturing technologies. The exhibition also includes university projects developed jointly with key partners – leading universities and companies from Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France, with which Polytech collaborates in the field of artificial intelligence, material science, energy, computer science, microelectronics, biomedicine and biotechnology.

As well, within the framework of the event the European Forum of Alumni of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University took place. During the forum, two round tables were held: «Interaction of participants of the Presidential Management Fellows Program at the international level for sustainable development» and with leaders of European Alumni Associations.

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